Voyéur - Boulevard (1988) MP3/Flac

Since I just featured the amazing remix of Voyéur's "Hangin' On The Boulevard" on Lost Pop Treasures, I figured I'd feature their album here to coincide with it.  I had never heard of Voyéur until I picked up that single in some delete bin, and I immediately loved it.  It wasn't until years later that I found the cassette of their only album in a delete bin.  I was hoping for more of the same but, alas, it was not a house album, but much more pop-funk in nature.  I wasn't a fan at the time, but I recently came across a rip of the album and gave it another listen.  Certainly not as bad as I remembered.  As for Voyéur themselves, little can be found about them other than that they were a duo consisting of Bahamian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Grant Williams, who produced the album, and Bermudian vocalist June Ventzos.  The two appear to have previously done some session work for other artists, like on Ruffin & Kendrick's track "Goodnight Pillow".  The entire album was written by the two, and two singles were released, "Hangin' On The Boulevard" and the ballad "Another You For Me".  Obviously great success was not forthcoming, and even though they were signed to a major label, Columbia, and "Hangin'..." was a minor dance hit, they soon disappeared.  Though I can't find much on Grant's whereabouts (his common name makes internet searching difficult), I did discover that June kept singing, including contributing to the 1993 holiday album, The Bermuda Christmas Collection. She currently lives in Arizona, as her Facebook profile outlines.  Surely you can contact her there should you wish to know more.

Download Boulevard

1 Hangin' On The Boulevard
2 Colour Of Money
3 Another You For Me
4 Fools Love
5 Sad Goodbyes
6 Don't Throw Me Away
7 I Can Love You Better
8 The Only One
9 Falling For You