Bill Staines - Whistle Of The Jay MP3/Flac


The gold New England autumn was gone. The wood was in and only a few birds remained near my home in New Hampshire to cheer the arrival of the sun each morning. One jaybird, however, never Failed to remind me that there were things to do or places to go. As if pretending to be some great songbird, he would sit on his tree branch outside my window and whistle and call until I was forced to throw back the curtain and look him straight in the eye. I would suddenly realize, however, that I was now wide awake and being blinded by the sun that he was using to warm himself.

It had been two years since I had recorded an album and so it was that at this time, just before the snows of winter, I gathered up some musician friends and we descended upon the home of Sandy and Caroline Paton in the hills of Connecticut to do this record. For two days we rehearsed, recorded, listened, laughed, recorded again, listened and smiled. Then there was some chicken and strawberry yogurt pie and more recording.

A special thanks goes to everyone who sang and played on this album. To Lana Pettey on bass, to Susan Hansen on five string viola, to Rick Lee who played piano and banjo, and to my favorite guitar player, Guy Van Duser.

So now it's all over and that jaybird's back calling to me again. I'll finish these notes now.

I'm on the road tonight.

Bill Staines
December, 1978

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