Sting - All This Time (2001) DVD9 MP3/Flac

Sting - All This Time (2001) DVD9
Video: NTSC, MPEG-2 at 5 032 Kbps, 720 x 480 (1.778) at 29.970 fps | Audio: AC-3 6 channels at 448 Kbps, 48.0 KHz
Genre: Rock | Label: Universal Music | Copy: Untouched | Release Date: 3 Dec 2001 | Runtime: 145 min. | 6,44 GB (DVD9)

All This Time is a moving record of an exclusive live set performed by Sting and his 13-piece band at the end of their two-year Brand New Day tour. Following a week of intensive rehearsals and preparations for a global Web cast, the low-key concert was scheduled to be broadcast live to the world from Sting?s home in Tuscany on the evening of September 11, 2001. As is depicted in the accompanying 70-minute documentary, following intense agonising by Sting and his associates, the concert went ahead as mark of respect to the victims of the atrocities of this day. Starting the show with the sombre 'Fragile' (which was the only track broadcast live on the internet due to the events of the day), the concert is made up of classic compositions from Sting and The Police. Reworked versions of songs such as 'All This Time', 'Fields of Gold', 'If You Love Somebody Set Them Free' and 'Every Breath You Take' are all featured. The documentary captures the personalities of all those involved and highlights the joyous occasion the concert should have been. Some may be put off by Sting?s apparent laid back behaviour on stage but there?s something rather endearing watching him sip from a mug in-between songs. On The DVD: both the concert and the documentary footage is stunning, with the high resolution and quality of the DVD conveying the rich colours of the event. The excellent audio recording, adds to the intimacy of both the run-up to, and the actual concert itself. Added interactive features in the documentary allow access to the concert and exclusive dress-rehearsal footage. Three bonus live performances of 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic', 'Fill Her Up' and 'Englishman in New York' (which can only be accessed from the main menu) are also included. The documentary and live performance can be played as one feature or separately, with direct access to individual songs or chapters.

Sting - All This Time (2001) DVD9
Sting - All This Time (2001) DVD9
Sting - All This Time (2001) DVD9
Sting - All This Time (2001) DVD9
Sting - All This Time (2001) DVD9
Sting - All This Time (2001) DVD9

- Sting: Guitar, Vocals, Bass
- Jeff Young: Backing Vocals
- Katreese Barnes: Backing Vocals
- Janice Pendarvis: Backing Vocals
- Robert Chartoff: Vocals
- Clark Gayton: Trombone
- Haoua Abdenacer: Djarbuka
- Jaques Morelenbaum: Cello
- Marcos Suzano: Percussions
- Manu Katché: Drums
- Christian McBride: Acoustic Bass
- B.J. Cole: Pedal Steel
- Chris Botti: Trumpet
- Jason Rebello: Piano
- Dominic Miller: Guitar
- Kipper: Keyboards
- Cheb Mami: Vocals


01. Fragile
02. Thousand Years
03. Perfect Love Gone Wrong
04. All This Time
05. Hounds of Winter
06. Mad About You
07. Don't Stand So Close to Me
08. When We Dance
09. Dienda
10. Roxanne
11. (If You Love Somebody) Set Them Free
12. Brand New Day
13. Fields of Gold
14. Moon Over Bourbon Street
15. Shape of My Heart
16. If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
17. Every Breath You Take

Bonus Tracks:
18. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
19. Fill Her Up
20. Englishman In New York

- Documentary
- Rehearsal
- Interview

- Direct Scene Access
- Interactive Menu