Kouichi Osamu - Sanshoku no Niji [ 1997] MP3/Flac

Kouichi Osamu - Sanshoku no Niji  [ 1997]

Koichi Osamu was born in Osaka on October 24, 1960. After graduating from Kyoto University, he studied abroad at the Berkeley College of Music, and appeared together with Clark Terry, Slide Hampton, Tiger Okoshi, Tommy Campbell, and others. In 1985 and 1986 he was awarded the Berkeley Eddie Gomez Award and in 1987, Osamu graduated from Berkeley's Department of Composition and Arrangement. After returning to Japan, he was active primarily in jazz clubs and stage performances in the metropolitan area. Since 1996, Osamu has been performing both in jazz clubs throughout Japan and in festivals at home and abroad as a regular bassist in the Sadao Watanabe band. He has continued to expand his activities elsewhere, taking part in recording sessions and tours with pop-genre musicians like Ryoko Moriyama, Keisuke Kuwata , Tatsuya Ishii, Ken Hirai, Chaka, Mandy Michiru, and Bird. Osamu worked on the arrangement of theme songs for television programs and helped arrange albums like Motohiko Hino's "It's There" and "Hip Bone."

Starting in March 1999, Osamu has been leading his own group "BBGroove" in live concerts. Through "EQ", a new hit band that he formed together with Masahiko Osaka, Osamu Koike, and Makoto Aoyagi, he has dramatically expanded his live performance exposure.

In July 1997, he released his first leader album "Three-Color Rainbow," in March 1999 together with Toshiki Nunokawa he released "DuoRama," both have been very well received in Japan. Also, the above mentioned band EQ just released the 5th album "Headline" November 2007.

Osamu gives lectures on bass and arrangement at the Senzoku College of Music, coaching upcoming artists.

In January 2006, Osamu released his latest work "The Chord."


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