Schiller - Atemlos (super deluxe edition) (2cd+dvd) (2010) MP3/Flac

Schiller - Atemlos (super deluxe edition) (2cd+dvd) (2010)
Schiller - Atemlos (super deluxe edition) (2cd+dvd) (2010)
DVD5 | VIDEO_TS | MPEG-2 Video, PAL 16:9 (720:576), 25fps, 1885kbps | DD 5.1; 448kbps | 42 min | 4450Mb 2cd | Eac Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | 780Mb
electronic | Universal 0625 27322 | covers, no booklet

Schiller - Atemlos (super deluxe edition) (2cd+dvd) (2010)
Schiller - Atemlos (super deluxe edition) (2cd+dvd) (2010)

Atemlos (German for Breathless) is the sixth studio album of German electronica and global pop artist Christopher Von Deylen under his principal project "Schiller". The album was released on March 12, 2010. The album contains 30 new compositions from Schiller including two electronic symphonies in 5.1 surround sound.
Like his earlier albums, Atemlos features collaborations with other international artists. Anna Maria Mühe, Jaki Liebezeit, Odette Di Maio, Midge Ure, Kate Havnevik, Anggun, Lenka, Mia Bergström, Kim Sanders and Henree contribute with vocals for the album. The first single "Try" featuring Nadia Ali was released three weeks before the official album launch date.
The album is inspired by Von Deylen's month-long voyage with the scientific research vessel Polarstern. To support the album, a tour of the same name was made between 14 and 30 May.

1. "Willkommen (UK: Welcome)" Von Deylen 1:06
2. "Tiefblau (UK: Deep Blue)" Von Deylen 4:43
3. "Playing With Madness" (With Mia Bergström), Guitar: Andreas Binder, Drums: Ralf Gutske, Cello: Christian Kretschmar, Bass: Tissy Thiers) Bergström, von Deylen 4:56
4. "Atemlos (UK: Breathless)" Von Deylen 3:48
5. "Try" (With Nadia Ali), Guitar: Andreas Binder) Ali, von Deylen 4:45
6. "Unruhig Herz (UK: Restless Heart)" (With Anna Maria Mühe) Von Deylen 2:28
7. "Leidenschaft (UK: Passion)" (With Jaki Liebezeit) Von Deylen 4:41
8. "Blind" (With Anggun), Bass: Tissy Thiers) Cipta Sasmi, von Deylen 4:50
9. "Soho" Von Deylen 5:13
10. "Let It Rise" (With Midge Ure), Guitar: Andreas Binder) Ure, von Deylen 3:56
11. "Polarstern (UK: Polar Star)" (Drums: Ralf Gustke) Von Deylen 4:31
12. "Don't Go" (With Kate Havnevik)) Havnevik, von Deylen 5:20
13. "Moments" (Spoken words: Cliff Hewitt) Von Deylen 2:04
14. "Addicted" (With Lenka), Bass: Tissy Thiers) Kripac, von Deylen 4:26
15. "Morgenland (UK: The Orient)" (Drums: Ralf Gustke) Von Deylen 4:20
16. "Lost Again" (With Odette Di Maio) Von Deylen 5:46

1. "La Mer (UK: The Sea)" Von Deylen 4:06
2. "Sunrise" (With Lenka) Kripac, von Deylen 6:13
3. "Augenblick (UK: Moment)" Von Deylen 2:05
4. "I Will Follow You" (With Henree) Olsen, von Deylen 4:34
5. "Opium" (With Jaki Liebezeit), Guitar: Andreas Binder) Von Deylen 6:08
6. "The Fire" (With Kate Havnevik) Havnevik, von Deylen 5:54
7. "Un Solo Minuto (UK: A Single Moment)" (With Odette Di Maio) Di Maio, von Deylen 4:45
8. "Salton Sea" Von Deylen 4:53
9. "Under My Skin" (With Kim Sanders), Guitar: Andreas Binder, Drums: Ralf Gustke) Sanders, von Deylen 5:03
10. "Hochland (UK: Highlands)" (Cello: Christian Kretschmar) Von Deylen 4:08
11. "Himmelblau (UK: Sky Blue)" Von Deylen 5:24
12. "Always You" (With Anggun), Guitar: Andreas Binder, Bass: Tissy Thiers) Cipta Sasmi, von Deylen 4:38
13. "Reprise" Von Deylen 3:59

Atemlos 5.1 (Audio Only)
-Playing With Madness with Mia Bergström
-Leidenschaft with Jaki Liebezeit
-Always You feat. Anggun
Studiosession with Jaki Liebezeit
-Expedition into the Arctic Sea