Overflow - The Worm 7" ep (1995, Goodwill) MP3/Flac

This was a very pleasant surprise, from a Croatian group no less.  Purely based on the cosmetics of the lowbrow sleeve artwork, I anticipated Overflow would mine a similar punk-pop vein to the Descendents and/or Hagfish.  Not quite.  Instead, Overflow tacked in the direction of the Bollweevils, early Supersuckers and Scared of Chaka, and sounded thoroughly American in the process.  Spunky and inspired as any of their Stateside ilk, this co-ed trio had razor sharp tunes to boot.  Totally reminds me of the records I ordered out of Maximum Rock and Roll from this period.  Could use a second helping, Michelin Man!

01. Friend
02. Savage
03. Out There
04. Let Me In (!?)