Windy City Rev Ups - Swing Out Chicago MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 47:35
Size: 109.1 MB
Label: Hit Promotions
Styles: Electric blues
Year: 2008
Art: Front

[3:10] 1. Swing Out Chicago
[3:56] 2. I Should Have Known
[6:32] 3. Maxwell Street
[4:40] 4. Halfway Home
[3:42] 5. Alley Cat Blues
[3:29] 6. Rolling Thunder
[2:40] 7. Can't Stop Time
[4:57] 8. Senorita
[4:48] 9. Shine So Bright
[4:33] 10. Here Tonight
[5:03] 11. Red, White & Blue

This collection of revved up rock, blues, dance & swing music serves as notice that the Windy City Rev Ups have arrived on the modern Chicago blues rock scene! The ensemble of Chicago based musicians is complemented by a full throttle rhythm section, burnin' lead guitars, soulful singin' and a B3 organ with authentic Hammond/Leslie tone. The recording sessions were tracked live and performed with untamed spontaneity and emotion. Collectively, the Windy City Rev Ups create a sound that is passionate, impulsive and edgy!

"Swing Out Chicago" is a somewhat derivative, but feverishly passionate take at Chicago blues and Memphis inspired R&B. The band performs all over the Midwest, and it shows in their plier tight arrangements, guttural vocals and their hypnotic jonesing for the blues. A musical detour into acoustic driven Southern rock, "Red White & Blue" only enhances their allure. The songs on this debut studio release range from the radio friendly title track "Swing Out Chicago" to the praise worthy "Red, White & Blue". Stir it up with a pinch of "Halfway Home" boogie, "Alley Cat Blues" and the country inspired cruising anthem "Rolling Thunder" and you have an appetizing blend of roots rock mixed with hootenanny style shakers. "Can't Stop Time", "Shine So Bright" and "Here Tonight" add a little jam band rock n' roll flavor to mix. The tasty swing tune "I Should Have Known" combined with two slow blues numbers "Maxwell Street" and "Senorita" complete the presentation, Chicago style. This debut studio release displays the band's signature style of dynamic blues mixed with upbeat rock n' roll.

Swing Out Chicago

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