Patrick Dodd - Live At Rum Boogie Cafe MP3/Flac

Released: 2011/2013
Size: 153,3 MB
Time: 66:40
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Styles: Memphis blues,Blues-Rock
Label: Rum Boogie Records Series
Art: Big Front (2 variations)

01. Matchbox (Live) [4:03]
02. I'd Rather Be (Blind, Crippled And Crazy) [Live] [5:42]
03. All Along The Watchtower (Live) [8:05]
04. I'm A Ram (Live) [6:55]
05. One Way Out (Live) [5:33]
06. Hard Knocks (Live) [6:15]
07. Statesboro Blues (Live) [4:11]
08. A Quitter Never Wins (Live) [7:56]
09. Evil Way (Live) [3:58]
10. Texas Flood (Live) [5:01]
11. Soul Shine (Live) [5:17]
12. Crossroads (Live) [3:38]

This is the first live release from Patrick Dodd from NBC's The Voice.
A guitar-playing singer/songwriter, Patrick's heart is in blues/soul/rock music, which he performs more than 300 nights a year on the famed Beale Street in Memphis. He stays grounded by spending time with his wife and three daughters and considers himself a health and fitness nut. Patrick is a huge fan of Marc Broussard, Stevie Wonder and the Allman Brothers.
The very talented Patrick Dodd has accepted our offer to be the first Artist in the Series. Patrick has become a sought after act by both music connoisseurs and other Memphis musicians with the Patrick Dodd Trio performing at Rum Boogie Cafe.

Produced by Rum Boogie Records, US Studios, and 11:30 Productions
SRCO Gil Stuber
Recorded Live at Rum Boogie Cafe, Spring 2011 by Gil Stuber

Note BB: Edition 2011 and 2013 have 2 different covers (Called V1 and V2 in post)

Live At Rum Boogie Cafe (MC)
Live At Rum Boogie Cafe (MU)