The Dr. Izzy Band - Blind & Blues Bound MP3/Flac

Released: 2013
Size: 130,0 MB
Time: 56:47
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Styles: Soulful Female Vocals
Label: Black Chow Records
Art: Full Art

01. Matches Don't Burn Memories (Feat. James Cotton) [4:03]
02. Soul Dance [4:52]
03. Been A Long Time Comin' [5:05]
04. Earth Bound [5:45]
05. Old Black Crow (Feat. Otis Taylor) [4:24]
06. One Last Walk [5:25]
07. Mama Said [4:24]
08. Passion's Not A Crime [3:50]
09. Dirt Bed [5:40]
10. Hang Tough [4:13]
11. It's Been Real [5:13]
12. Your Redeemer [3:49]

Get ready to resonate with Dr. Izzy. Her songs are suggestive of life’s deepest struggles, and determinations to live life to its fullest. Her impassioned and powerful vocal delivery illuminates Dr. Izzy’s vision of life. She can equally bring you to your knees with heartfelt tears, and have you dancing with joyous shouts of celebration.
When world renowned bass player and producer Kenny Passarelli (Joe Walsh, Elton John, Hall & Oates, Stephen Stills, Dan Fogelberg, Otis Taylor), and Grammy winning engineer Clark Hagan (Chet Atkins, Ray Stevens) heard demos of Dr. Izzy's songs, it was clear that a CD had to be made. And when legendary blues harp player and Grammy winner James Cotton (Sonny Boy Williamson II, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, solo) heard some of the songs, he immediately said he would like to contribute to the project. He is featured on the song “Matches Don’t Burn Memories”. Izzy is also joined by Telarc recording artist and trance blues originator Otis Taylor on the song “Old Black Crow”. The songs have been mixed by yet another Grammy winner, Tim Stroh at Madhouse Recorders. This recording, “Blind and Blues Bound” is the debut from the Dr. Izzy Band. Dr. Izzy is a singer…many fans already know that she is blind.

Born with full vision, in Groves, TX, Izzy began to go blind at age nine. She left school at thirteen and started singing for a living five years later. Everyday of her life she has experienced preconceived ideas about what a blind person can or cannot do. When Izzy had to put music and singing on the back burner, she enrolled into college and continued on to receive her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She met guitarist Robert Morrison in 2002 when she decided to return to singing. Two years later they were married, and soon started writing songs together.Izzy is quick to point out "Robert is a not only a tremendous guitar player, but a great song writer too". One of his best talents is finding ways to merge my words, lyrical phrases and musical ideas with his own, and turn them into really good songs”. As expressed within the songs, she is a survivor in the strictest sense of the word. The songs here deal with subjects such as alcoholism, abuse, cancer survival, and personal relationships. She has overcome quite a bit of adversity, and it is shown in her music.The many trials and tribulations along the way of Izzy's life are where the blues comes from in her music. This album is autobiographical; the good times and the bad times. The music is soulful, empowering, celebratory, and wrenching all at the same time. The story keeps unfolding”, she says as she begins to smile. Once you hear “Blind and Blues Bound” you will live the story too; through the songs and through Dr. Izzy’s voice! Visit the official website at for more info and merchandise.

Dr. Izzy: Lead Vocals,Bck Vocals
Robert Morrison: Electric & Acoustic Guitars/Vocals, Cowbell
Kenny Passarelli: Bass ,Hammond organ,Piano
Larry Thompson: Drums
James Cotton: Bluesharp on Tr.1 ; Otis Taylor: Banjo On Tr.5 ; Anne Harris: Violin on Tr. 2,7,9 ;Milt Muth: Bass on Tr.4 ; ...

Blind & Blues Bound (MC)
Blind & Blues Bound (MU)