Benny & The Fly By Niters - Be Good Or Be Gone MP3/Flac

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Time: 38:56
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2003
Styles: Jump Blues, R&B, Rockabilly
Label: Aloha Records
Art: Full

01. Party Like Never Before (2:13)
02. Baby, Baby Come To Papa (2:02)
03. You Ain't Puttin' Out Nothin' Bu The Lights (3:05)
04. Back To San Antone (2:34)
05. From Now On (2:18)
06. Kidney Stew Blues (3:28)
07. Be Good Or Be Gone (2:21)
08. She Knocks Me Out (3:06)
09. Hopped Up Baby (3:05)
10. Huckle Boogie (2:35)
11. Wonder When You're Coming Home (3:13)
12. Worried Blues (3:28)
13. Sound The Bell (2:46)
14. Come Back Home (2:35)

1950's style r&b and southern blues, recorded at Austin's Fort Horton studios. Nick Curran opened the doors, and combos like this one led by guitarist/vovcalist Ben Peters are sailing through. Re-makes of mostly obscure stuff by Ray Agee, Pee Wee Crayton, Jimmy Liggins, Clarence Garlow or King Karl. Super musicianship, great authentic sound. Recommended. BEN PETERS - gtr/voc, JOHNNY MOELLER - gtr, NICK CURRAN - gtr/drums, MATT FARRELL - pno, T.D. MOTYCHA - sax, PRESTON HUBBARD (ex-FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS) - bass, JAY MOELLER - drums.

Be Good Or Be Gone