Dan Granero - Time To Wake Up MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 57:12
Size: 131.0 MB
Label: (Self released)
Styles: Blues rock
Year: 2012
Art: Front

[3:57] 1. Time To Wake Up
[2:54] 2. Yes I Know
[4:17] 3. Find You
[6:17] 4. I Hear The Blues Calling My Name
[4:08] 5. Can't Change (Who I Am)
[3:10] 6. Long Time Coming
[4:29] 7. The Road
[4:54] 8. Come On Home
[6:15] 9. My Baby
[3:10] 10. Runaway
[3:45] 11. Can't Stand To Lose
[5:42] 12. Half The Man
[4:08] 13. Front Porch Blues

It was "Time To Wake Up" for Dan Granero as he went through some really hard times in life during the making of this beautiful album from production to personal problems. Dan made it through in the end with the help of great friends, family and band members from Sweden, Denmark, Italy, UK, USA and Australia.

The title track was one of Dan's first songs ever written at age 15. it is simple lyrically but can mean so much to many and the passion and energy in the track (and the whole album) is evident. "Time features Dan's most well-known tracks and crowd pleasers such as "I Hear The Blues Calling My Name", "The Road", "Come On Home" and "Can't Stand To Lose" which have been re-worked and refined.

This album features some great musicians Dan has performed with over the years. Two of the longest band members Dan has had from the beginning of his career - The rock solid rhythm section of James Joseph on drums and David Hentzschel on Bass are the main musicians on the album. Then Dan has good friend and session man Chris Allison on Drums on "I Hear The Blues Calling My Name" and also the ever-talented Matt McLaren on Keyboards/Hammond. Dan performs Drums and Bass playing duties as well as guitar and Vocals on "Half The Man"...the end of the track features his son Jaali talking in baby talk as he was sitting on Dan's lap in the studio when the vocals were being laid down. Dan wanted to include a part of his personal life in the music.

This album was released in Scandinavia in July 2012 and has been a top seller for Dan at shows all through Scandinavia and Europe.

Time To Wake Up

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