Lydia Pense & Cold Blood - Live Blood MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 61:03
Size: 139.8 MB
Label: Dig Music
Styles: Funky blues, West Coast blues
Year: 2008
Art: Front

[ 6:53] 1. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
[ 4:47] 2. Can't Take It (Don't Give A Damn)
[ 5:08] 3. No Way Home
[ 4:32] 4. I'm A Good Woman
[13:07] 5. Funky On My Back
[ 7:39] 6. Back Here Again
[ 5:09] 7. Face The Music
[ 5:09] 8. It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin'
[ 8:37] 9. You Got Me Hummin'

The word legend applies to Lydia Pense & Cold Blood and not in some past-tense-make-a-living-as-an-oldies-act sort of way either. Pense still shouts like a 60s soul diva and can purr a slow blues tune with spine-tingling subtlety. This is a band with a storied past and an exciting future. Cold Bloods big debut came at the Fillmore West, where owner Bill Graham was so impressed that he immediately signed them to his new record label and the rest is history.

Live Blood was recorded at the Sunbanks Music Festival in Washington State, and captures the band in their most natural of habitats: on stage and smokin. Live Blood is what Cold Blood fans have been waiting for lightning in a bottle, laid down by a tight six-piece band, fronted by the incomparable Ms. Pense. Live Blood stays true to the throbbing, thumping, horn-laced tunes for which the band has come to be known.

Lydia Pense (vocals); Steve Dunne (vocals, guitar); Rich Armstrong (vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion); Stephen Salinas (vocals, keyboards); Donny Baldwin (vocals, drums); Robert Zuckerman (flute, saxophone); Evan Palmerston (bass instrument). Personnel: Richard Armstrong (vocals, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion); Robert Zuckerman (flute, saxophone).

Live Blood

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