Memo Gonzales & The Bluescasters - Big Time In Big D MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 55:29
Size: 127.0 MB
Label: Cotinental Blue
Styles: Texas blues, Jump blues
Year: 2008
Art: Front

[4:41] 1. Must Be Love
[3:31] 2. The Look Of A Cheater
[3:36] 3. What You're Doin' To Me
[3:45] 4. 4it's Been A While
[6:00] 5. Wages Of My Sins
[4:35] 6. One And One (Don't Make Three)
[3:29] 7. His Latest Flame
[3:36] 8. You Got Me Rollin'
[4:29] 9. Two Headed Woman
[4:16] 10. Angel In High Heels
[4:35] 11. Give It To Me
[4:11] 12. The Door Of Happiness
[4:40] 13. Icy Blue

Fantastic album from one of Europe's premier blues acts, recorded in Texas. "Big Time In Big D" features guest appearances by Anson Funderburgh, Mike Morgan and Johnny Moeller. Memo Gonzalez and the Bluescasters are swinging like a suspension bridge in a hurricane, declares British music magazine Blueprint , while Texas Blues Magazine is wondering: Who are these guys?

Without reservation one of the most exciting live blues bands touring today Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters combine authentic Texas roadhouse blues with swing and rock 'n' roll influences to deliver one hell of a live performance. Their collaboration started in 1995 and resulted in more than 1,000 shows in European clubs and on international festivals. Memo Gonzalez, who hails from Dallas/Texas, and his continental colleagues have worked hard for their inspiring sovereignty which has been stirringly captured on "Live In The UK". The new album was recorded at various concerts during a tour through England and confirms in evidence Memo Gonzalez &

The Bluescasters excellent reputation as a dynamic live band. "Music's always happening today", Gonzalez declares. "We ain't no juke box. We want to leave our own imprint on the music."

Memo Gonzalez (vocals, harmonica), Kai Strauss (Guitar, vocals), Erkan Ozdemir (bass), Ralf Nackowitch (drums)

Big Time In Big D

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