Johnny Coleman - Jus'A Mis'sippi Boy MP3/Flac

Size: 82,6 MB
Time: 35:27
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2012
Styles: Contemporary Blues
Label: Luus Skru Records
Art: Front

01. Shadows Stalkin' (3:49)
02. Where Are You Blues (3:09)
03. Down In Mis'sippi (4:08)
04. Purple Sunset (3:50)
05. Angela (2:29)
06. I Wonder If (4:03)
07. I Can't Worry 'bout That (2:29)
08. Thank You (3:45)
09. On My Mind (3:39)
10. Come Home To The Lord (4:02)

The music on this CD was influenced by the styles of music I grew up performing in Mississippi (and other) Southern "Jukes", high school hops, college frat-parties, backyard 'throw-downs' and many various 'street-corners' in my life from the age of 15 until now. I never really cared about the life-style-entanglements of so called "Fame"..... all I ever wanted to do was be somewhere on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday night making good music and providing the "Party" for folks who wanted to dance, listen and just have a good time to the music I was playing. I've rarely been disappointed in all of this ....This CD was made at the urging of my musician and partying "Buddies". It (the CD) contains the elements of musical styles ranging from R'nR, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Pop, Bluegrass and, even, ...Gospel - that I've been fortunate to have been exposed to all of my life. A great Southern 'picker' one time remarked....You may not like everything I do; but, something you hear of mine is going to touch you, Baby....I'd like to use that line right now....try it, you'll like something here, I 'ga-ron-tee'...

Jus'A Mis'sippi Boy

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