Harmonica Fats & The Bernie Pearl Blues Band - I Had To Get Nasty MP3/Flac

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Time: 47:24
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 1991
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Label: Bee Bump
Art: Front

01. In Love With Three Girls (4:07)
02. Put My Clothes & Shoes Back In The Closet (4:45)
03. I Had To Get Nasty (3:12)
04. Jelly Rollin' Papa (4:13)
05. Harmonica Fats Blows (4:06)
06. Baby, You (3:51)
07. Boogie All The Way (4:33)
08. Louisiana Blues (3:45)
09. She Got Soul (2:48)
10. Slidin' Defender (2:48)
11. Low Desert (4:06)
12. Automobile Blues (2:18)
13. It's Christmas Time, Baby (2:46)

Fats is backed up by the Bernie Pearl Blues Band on this mostly electric effort, though hints of Fats' country origins stick out. On the fast-tempo numbers, Fats' driving, in-your-face energy comes out full bore, and on these songs the wit and humor of his lyrics stand out best. Pearl's attempt at lead vocals on Lightnin' Hopkins' "Automobile Blues" would have been better left off to allow Fats to expand his showman capabilties. ~Review by Char Ham

Thanks to Marc.
I Had To Get Nasty

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