Hustler - High Street - 1974 MP3/Flac

Hustler - High Street  - 1974

Tony Beard - Drums
Kenny Daughters - Keyboards
Steve Haynes - Vocals
Mickey Llewelyn - Guitar, Vocals
Kenny Lyons - Bass, Vocals
Henry Spinetti - Drums

A heavy rock outfit with a good reputation. High Street is very much in Free/Bad Company mould. Tracks like Just Leave A Good Man and Jack The Lad are hard rocking songs with strong melodies and good vocals and guitar work. There are some mellower moments on Let The Wind Blow and Miranda, whilst The Hustler is reasonably orchestrated. Get Outa Me 'Ouse, the only track where Micky Llewelyn sings, is in a more pub-rock direction and Piranhas has a long instrumental break with keyboard progressive overtones in a Deep Purple direction. A good example of this genre.

01. Just Leave A Good Man (4:17)
02. Piranahas (5:37)
03. Let The Wind Blow (3:44)
04. Uptight Tonight (3:42)
05. Get Outa Me 'Ouse (3:10)
06. Jack The Lad (5:21)
07. Midnight Seducer (4:09)
08. Miranda (5:06)
09. The Hustler (5:21)