Paul Millns - Gibbi Westgermany (1980) MP3/Flac

Paul Millns - Gibbi Westgermany (1980)
Paul Millns - Gibbi Westgermany (1980)

b. Norfolk, England. Millns’ first forays into music were undertaken playing piano in blues and soul bands, two musical styles which have maintained a strong influence on his output. After moving to London he found himself working in groups with Alexis Korner, Eric Burdon, Bert Jansch, Jo Ann Kelly and Chicago bluesman Louisiana Red. In the mid-70s his solo debut was released on Philips. The following years saw him alternate between his own songwriting and session/touring duties with other artists. In 1979 he was invited to Germany to record a soundtrack for the film, Gibbi West Germany. He has retained a strong reputation in that country via television appearances on music shows like Rock Palast, as well as appearing at major continental events and their domestic equivalents (including the Edinburgh Arts and Cambridge Folk Festivals). Further commissions for soundtrack work have been undertaken for the BBC, Thames and Channel Four, while artists like Elkie Brooks (‘Too Much Between Us’ on Pearls 2) have covered his songs. (by Rovi)

Eric Burdon

This is a soundtrack for a little bit strange movie about a tragic releationship between a mother and a son ... so the music is sentimental and very hopless ... but you can hear that Paul Millns (piano, vocals) is really a great songwriter ...

In the movie you can see Eric Burdon in a smal role, but he´s not to hear on this album.

01. Gibbi's Song (Millns) 4.05
02. Down In The Danger Zone (Millns) 3.02
03. Mama Leone (by Bino) (Vaplus) 3.50
04. Lila Diva (by Kiev Stingl & Sterea Lisa) (Stingl) 4.55
05. Sweet Is The Wine (Millns) 3.20
06. Out Of Tune - Out Of Time (Millns) 2.40
07. Look At The Madman (Millns) 3.45
08. Akkordeon (Traditionell) 0.38
09. Stormy Moon (Millns) 5.10
10. Mundharmonika (Traditional) 1.23
11. Mama Leone (by Bino) (Vaplus) 1.50
12. Till The Morning Comes (Millns) 4.55
13. Gibbi's Song (Millns) 3.30
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