Tony Williams - Mosaic Select (only 5000 copies) MP3/Flac

Tony Williams - Mosaic Select (only 5000 copies)

"Hearing all of these recordings for the first time in nearly two decades it’s remarkable just how many memorable tunes Williams wrote during this period.” - John Kelman, All About Jazz
Limited Edition: 5000 copies

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Simply the Best Acoustic Band of Its Time

When Tony Williams came to New York in December 1962 at the age of 17 under the aegis of Jackie McLean, he knocked the jazz world on its ear. This kid hit the scene fully formed with an absolutely unique and revolutionary approach to jazz drumming at a time when Blakey, Roach, Elvin and Philly Joe were still in their prime and ubiquitous on the New York scene. Tony made his recording debut on Blue Note and was signed to the label by age 18.
When Blue Note was reactivated in 1985, Williams's mind was on acoustic jazz and composing and he returned to the label to make Foreign Intrigue with Wallace Roney, Donald Harrison, Bobby Hutcherson, Mulgrew Miller and Ron Carter. Excited by the results, the drummer formed a quintet with Roney, Miller, Bill Pierce and Charnett Moffett. That group lasted eight years with only the bass chair changing to Robert Hurst and eventually Ira Coleman.

The Tony Williams Quintet recorded four studio albums between 1986 and '91: Civilization, Angel Street, Native Heart and The Story Of Neptune. Each album was distinguished by Tony's distinctive, melodic compositions, unique arranging and extraordinary drumming. Roney, Pierce and Miller, all outstanding and concise soloists, quickly developed an empathy that grew with each album.

This was a band that made Tony immensely happy. He enjoyed the company of his sidemen and loved the way they interpreted his music. And from 1986 to '94, he had a consistent musical outlet for his music. Throughout a career filled with achievement and innovation, this body of work remains among his most satisfying music.

Tracks and Personnel

Disc One

Tracks: Foreign Intrigue; My Michele; Life Of The Party; Takin' My Time; Clearways; Sister Cheryl; Arboretum; Geo Rose; Warrior; Ancient Eyes; Soweto Nights; The Slump; Civilization.

Personnel: Wallace Roney: trumpet; Donald Harrison: alto saxophone (1-7); Bobby Hutcherson: vibraphone (1-7); Mulgrew Miller: piano; Ron Carter: bass (1-7); Tony Williams: drums, electronic drums (1-7), drum machine; Bill Pierce; tenor and soprano saxophone (8-13); Charnett Moffett: bass (8-13).

Disc Two

Tracks: Mutants On The Beach; Citadel; Angel Street; Touch Me; Red Mask; Kiss Me; Dreamland; Only With You; Pee Wee; Thrill Me; Obsession; Native Heart; Extreme Measures.

Personnel: Wallace Roney: trumpet; Bill Pierce: tenor and soprano saxophone; Mulgrew Miller: piano; Tony Williams: drums, drum machine (1-2); Charnett Moffett: bass (1-11); Ira Coleman: bass (12); Robert Hurst: bass (13).

Disc Three

Tracks: City Of Lights; Two Worlds; Juicy Fruit; Crystal Palace; Liberty; The Story Of Neptune: Overture; The Story Of Neptune: Fear Not; The Story Of Neptune: Creatures Of Conscience; Blackbird; Crime Scene; Poinciana; Birdlike.

Personnel: Wallace Roney: trumpet; Bill Pierce: tenor and soprano saxophone; Mulgrew Miller: piano; Tony Williams: drums; Ira Coleman: bass (1,4,6-12); Robert Hurst: bass (2,3,5).

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