Silent Witness - Silent Witness 1997 MP3/Flac

Silent Witness - Silent Witness 1997
In 2007, Robert Mason is still not a house hold name. He has sung for quite a few bands over the years including Magnum, Lynch Mob, Cry of Love, Silent Witness and currently Big Cock.

Regardless of the band he is singing for, one thing is always constant, his awesome vocals. The great fall out of 80′s hard rock probably prevented any chance of Robert Mason being a household name among music fans, and it is a true shame, because this is one talented hard rock singer.

Silent Witness is one of the lesser known bands that Robert has sung for, and this self titled CD was a great find for me on Ebay recently. Silent Witness features Robert Mason on vocals, John Bushnell on guitar, Hal B. Selzer on bass and Lance Hyland Stark on drums. This is a damn good melodic hard rock CD that very few people ever got to know.

John Bushnell has a guitar sound that reminds me more of Neal Schon than George Lynch. This disc is a little lighter than Lynch Mob, and kind of reminds me of Neal Schon’s former band, Hardline, and another band that I like, Cry Wolf.

I would give a track by track break down, but all of the tracks are worth listening to. This is an all killer, no filler disc that will appeal to the majority of the 80′s hard rock fans out there.

I could gripe over the fact that the music lacks originality, and yes, the song writing could be a little better. Quite frankly, I love to find CD’s like this one that still have that great 80′s hard rock sound. This is still a solid effort from Silent Witness, and is a disc that fits in well with a lot of those classic hard rock CD’s from the late 80′s and early 90′s.

You can still find this disc for reasonable prices on Ebay from time to time. I would recommend grabbing this lost classic, if you see it.

Rating:Out of 10

Track Listing:
Can’t Keep From Falling
Living In A Lie
Pouring Rain
I’ll Wait
Tell Me
Take Me Back
Don’t Let A Good Thing Slip Away
Get Right Back Up
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Make This Night Last Forever
Silent Witness is:

Robert Mason – vocals
John Bushnell – guitar
Hal B. Selzer – bass
Lance Hyland Stark – drums

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