Snafu - Situation Normal (1974 Uk Great Classic Rock - 1993 Reissue - Wave) MP3/Flac

On the second LP, “Situation Normal”, Pete Solley had taken over much of the control of the band. There is a strong country-rock influence on this album, which makes you either hate or love it.
Solley’s keyboard/fiddle playing is wonderful throughout the album. At the same time, Micky Moody was exploring music by the likes of Ry Cooder and getting more and more into playing slide guitar. Harrison’s vocal work is sublime and the rhythm section is both tight and soulful.
Surprisingly, it was not as well reviewed as its predecessor. The band toured America as a support act for Emerson Lake and Palmer but wasn’t happy with the results of having to play to a completely different audience.

01. No More – 6:19
02. No Bitter Taste – 3:24
03. Brown Eyed Beauty & The Blue Assed Fly – 3:25
04. Lock And Key – 2:49
05. Big Dog Lusty – 3:41
06. Playboy Blues – 8:16
07. Jessie Lee – 4:37
08. Ragtime Roll – 5:05

Bobby Harrison / vocals, congas
Micky Moody / guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Colin Gibson / bass
Terry Popple / drums, washboard
Pete Solley / keyboards, fiddle, ARP synthesizer

Mel Collins/ Alto & Tenor Saxophones (Track 08) 
Steve Gregory/ Tenor Saxophone (Track 08)
Bud Beadle/ Baritone Saxophone (Track 08)