The Doobie Brothers - Ultrasonic Studios West Hempstead, NY - 1973-05-31 MP3/Flac

Tracks listing[/b]
[b]01.South City Midnight Lady[/b]
[b]03.Clear as the Driven Snow[/b]
[b]04.Long Train Running[/b]
[b]05.Listen to the Music[/b]
[b]06.China Grove[/b]
[b]07.Rockin' Down the Highway[/b]
[b]10.Jesus is Just Alright>Disciple[/b]
[b]12.Without You (custom fade out starting at 6:35, recorder runs out of tape before end)[/b]
[b]13.Natural Thing (Bonus: Live on Midnight Special - source unknown, audio from mono TV/radio broadcast, date unknown)[/b]
[b]This is far and away the best sounding and most well-performed show (circulating) by the original lineup. IMO, these performances show the band at it's peak as a "hard-rock" act. Those only familiar with the relatively tame studio versions of these songs will be surprised/shocked at volume and intensity of these live-in-studio (with small crowd) performances. WARNING: This is not soul/jazz/pop music. This has no association whatsoever with anything by Steely Dan or Michael McDonald. This is pure hard guitar rock. IMO, this is easily the best bootleg ever made featuring the "REAL" line-up! [/b]