Ksan Demos - 1967-1971 - Featuring John Cipollina, Ron Nagle, Bruce Stevens, Terry Dolan, Soundhole MP3/Flac

[b]I got this tape back in the late seventies from a John Cipollina's friend that was working for KSAN. He made a copy for me of what should be broadcasted at the time, but that then, for reasons i do not know, was only partially broadcasted in various stages. So here you can get bands that were not included in the various KSAN tapes in circulation. Also you can find here the only exsisting demos of the Soundole with John, apart the single, of which i post the pictures, that was printed in 100 copies and never sold, and i obtained for me and some friends,from the lovely Johnny Colla, guitar player of Huey Lewis & the News and Soundhole, that also produced this single. [/b]
[b]So this is like an amazing soundtrack of really good sound quality of some of the cream of the psychedelic era. I hope that sharing this i make somebody happy, like i really was when i got this tape for the first time, tape that i have listen several times during all those years with the same enthusiasm and pleasure..... (By 38f)[/b] [/b]

[b]Another collection of rarities with John Cipollina on almost tracks.... [/b]
[b]Enjoy !!![/b]