Frank Morey - Made In USA (With Scott Pittman & Andrew Bergmann) MP3/Flac

Size: 93,0 MB
Time: 40:01
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2006
Styles: Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Americana
Label: Frank Morey
Art: Front

01. Must Be Hard (To Be So Pretty) (2:41)
02. Freight Train (2:55)
03. Standing On A Corner (A Love Song) (3:20)
04. Made In USA (4:45)
05. This Ol' Life (Seems To Be Taking Forever) (3:23)
06. I Stopped Believing In You Today (2:59)
07. You're My Jesus (2:38)
08. No Good (4:34)
09. Lord Have Mercy (When I Lay My Burden Down) (2:18)
10. North Atlantic Line (With Eileen Rose) (4:28)
11. No Evil (5:55)

After a few years of waiting on pins and needles for the follow-up to Frank Morey's legendary and brilliant 'Delmark Sessions', Frank Morey fans, old and new, have been given a gift in the form of the new album 'Made in USA'. Featuring the usual suspects found in Mr. Morey?s songs; hookers, preachers, drinkers, sinners, lovers and devils, 'Made In USA' has just about everything you could ask for, tucked away in the little white CD case. Featuring Scott Pittman on drums and Andrew Bergmann on bass, the trio proves that simplicity is key when making bluesy, dirty, gin-soaked music. Bringing elements of Howlin' Wolf, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Kerouac, this CD has nary a dull moment.

The gritty 'Standing On A Corner' is a great example of the fine song writing talents of Frank Morey and has a wonderful vaudevillian feel to it. 'No Good' is a brilliantly dark track, heavy on the bottom end; this one needs to be played loud! 'North Atlantic Line' is a gorgeous song, featuring a duet with the angelic Eileen Rose. A love that is deeply moving and unforgettable. It is defiantly one of the highlights on the CD. A perfect ending to journey that 'Made In USA' will take you on is the addictive 'No Evil'. It is another track that seems to be on repeat round these parts. ~Sarah French

Made In USA (MC)
Made In USA (BU)

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