Steve JOHNSON - Bluestoons MP3/Flac

Styles: Modern Electric Blues,
Recorded: 2004
Released: 2004
File: mp3 @ 320k/s
Size: 118.18 MB
Time: 49:54
Art: Full

1. I Won't Be There - 4:11
2. Badside - 4:39
3. Sex Machine - 4:18
4. Tell Mama - 6:08
5. Blue Lincoln - 5:32
6. East West - 4:42
7. Bad Day - 3:52
8. Endless Blues - 3:56
9. Out the Door - 3:59
10. Flathead Blues - 2:41
11. Rockin' Robin - 2:55
12. Hardluck Blues - 3:01

Personnel: Steve JOHNSON - Guitars
Mark Pavlica - Bass
Cuff McComas - Drums
Harry Fritz - Harmonica tr.11

Note: "Bluestoons" by Steve Johnson features Steve's guitars and vocals. His voice is like Tom Waits in a power trio, but he has so absorbed the passion and musicianship of the music that he¹s like a glass of Guinness stout. The band is great and if you like, kick ass, give me another "pitcher" biker blues, this one is for you. Cliff McComas plays drums and Mark Pavlica is the bassist. My favorites include Kim Simmonds "Tell Mama" (Savoy Brown), and when Steve sings his own "(drinkin' and drivin' in my blue) Blue Lincoln" with his terrific slide guitar playing. "Flathead Blues" is another Steve Johnson written tune about a "bike", and here Steve takes a turn on a National Steel. There are four great guitar instrumentals, Sylvester Stewart's "Sex Machine" (Sly and The Family Stone), Eric Johnson's "East West", Steve's own "Endless Blues", and "Rockin' Robin" which the band turns into a funky anthem with great harmonica by Harry Fritz. Other highlights include Delbert McClinton's "Bad Day", and Steve Doerr's "Hardluck Blues" (The LeRoi Brothers). Throughout the album the band gets into an infectious groove. ~~ by Richard Ludmerer.

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