Litlle Jonny and the Giants - 2 albums: King of Clubs / Windin' MP3/Flac

Album: King of Clubs
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 59:50
Size: 138.2 MB
Label: Cornbread Records
Styles: Electric Records
Year: 2001
Art: Front

[4:08] 1. Standin' at the Crossroads
[4:10] 2. You Don't Have to Go
[5:59] 3. Hip Flip
[4:42] 4. Nobody's Special Friend
[2:40] 5. I'm Hot for You
[3:58] 6. One Good Woman
[5:01] 7. Everytime I Hear Your Name
[5:10] 8. It's Rainin' Inside
[4:22] 9. She's a Hit
[4:09] 10. Teenage Orangutan
[4:16] 11. Keep What I Got
[6:21] 12. Orphan's Blues
[4:47] 13. What Have I Done (Cuckoo)

Jon Lawton - guitar, vocals; Mike McCurdy - bass; Robi Bean - drums, percussion; 'Fuzzy' John Oxendine - drums; R.J. Mischo - harmonica; Bob Welsh - Piano, rhythm guitar, Chip Roland - hammond organ.

King of Clubs

Album: Windin'
Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 53:59
Size: 124.3 MB
Label: Cornbread Records
Styles: Electric blues
Year: 1998
Art: Full

[4:59] 1. One Of These Mornings
[5:24] 2. Tough Luck
[3:39] 3. Wait Baby
[4:38] 4. Freight Train
[5:14] 5. Rollin' And Tumblin'
[3:15] 6. Let Bygones Be Bygones
[3:54] 7. Rock Me In Your Arms
[5:10] 8. Barstool Boogie
[3:18] 9. Wishy-Washy Woman
[3:26] 10. Stop Puting Me On
[5:09] 11. Tijuana
[5:47] 12. Trouble No More

Little Jonny and the Giants CD "Windin" offers 12 cuts of mostly ensemble blues with a well balanced quartet of accomplished musicians. The uptempo opening track "One of These Mornings" was recorded live, and sets the tone for some fun, good time Blues tunes, Jon Lawton (guitar and vocals on all tracks) demonstrates his slide prowess on the standard "Rollin and Tumblin," on the second cut and though his interpretation is a little "unconventional" it serves as yet another example of the innumerable ways to approach the material. Throughout the twelve selections the band plays a variety of Blues styles from a slow 12 bar (Stop Putting Me On), boogie (Barstool Boogie), a Blues cha-cha, with a "Ventures-like" (heavy use of vibrato, tremolo and single string picking) on the moody "Tijuana". Even a funked up blues "Tough Luck" is included. Another standard, "Trouble No More" gets a slowed down slide treatment that works well within this selection of material. Other members of the band include: Mike McCurdy, bass, Jim Overton, drums, Jimmy Dewrance harp, and guest appearances by several other musicians add to the "easy to listen to" sound of this CD. It's not complicated or compromised by layers of production that detract from the easiness and straightforward presentation. Closing the CD is "Freight Train" a fine mix of country-blues with some dynamic slide work. This song was also recorded live and another memorable example of the band's ability to deliver some very good Blues music. I recommend "Windin" and would definitely like to see them in a club setting based upon the live tracks from this CD.

'Little Jonny' Jon Lawton - guitar & vocals; Mike McCurdy - bass; Jim Overton - drums; Jimmy Dewrance - harmonica on 'Let Bygones Be Bygones' & 'Stop Putting Me On'; Mark Adams - drums & percussion on 'Tough Luck' & Tijuana'; Jason Gonzalez - rhythm and psycadelic guitar on 'Tough Luck' & 'Tijuana'; 'Fuzzy' John Oxendine - drums on 'One Of These Mornings', Barstool Boogie' & Freight Train'; Steven Berk - pianao & organ on 'Stop Putting Me On' & Rock Me In Your Arms'


thank you Moe Joe Blues for these 2 albums.

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