Barbara Blue - Sell My Jewelry (upgrade) MP3/Flac

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Time: 48:22
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Released: 2001
Styles: Blues Soul, Modern Electric Blues, Contemporary Blues
Label: Big Blue Records
Art: Full

01. Trouble With A Capital 't' (3:50)
02. Back By Popular Demand (4:06)
03. Tool Box Blues (3:35)
04. Don't Lead Me On (5:57)
05. Road Blues (4:08)
06. Can't Get Your Lovin' Off My Mind (3:08)
07. Sell My Jewelry (3:24)
08. From The Delta To The Golden Gate (4:25)
09. Cheatin' Blues (3:36)
10. Drunken Angel (3:42)
11. Brought Together By The Blues (3:13)
12. Turtle Blues (5:14)

With the backing of Taj Mahal's Phantom Blues Band, Barbara Blue presented a gutsy set of soulful contemporary blues on Sell My Jewelry. There's nothing groundbreaking about Blue, the songs, or the arrangements, but she has a powerful throaty voice, often used on songs playing up to a tough-mama persona. The band gives her able support that draws soul music influences into the blues context, using organ and horns as well as the staple guitar and rhythm section. Blue wrote a bit of the material, but most of it's devoted to songs by other writers, including Janis Joplin ("Turtle Blues"), Lucinda Williams ("Drunken Angel"), and Rod Piazza (co-writer of "Brought Together by the Blues"), though the other composers won't be familiar names to many listeners. While she often sings about not taking guff from guys, in truth she sounds as good-natured as she does angry, though that doesn't detract from the merit of the music. She also breaks up the gruffer stuff with a couple of serious emotional near-ballads in "Don't Lead Me On" and Williams' "Drunken Angel," as well as a gutbucket self-penned John Lee Hooker tribute, "From the Delta to the Golden Gates." All 12 of the tracks from Sell My Jewelry are contained on the British compilation By Popular Demand, which adds a half-dozen tracks from other Blue albums. ~Review by Richie Unterberger

Sell My Jewelry (MC)
Sell My Jewelry (BU)

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