Poul Halberg Powertrio - Strange Brew MP3/Flac

Size: 100,5 MB
Time: 43:26
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2006
Styles: Hard Blues Rock
Label: Kilofon
Art: Full

01. Strange Brew (2:49)
02. Fire (3:35)
03. Politician (4:40)
04. Had To Cry Today (6:01)
05. Crossroads (3:46)
06. Voodoo Child (5:23)
07. White Room (5:18)
08. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (5:59)
09. Sunshine Of Your Love (5:52)

Awesome, top-shelf 70’s heavy guitar tribute disc from Poul Halberg (one of Denmark’s best rock guitarists) featuring 9 tracks of killer, authentic, retro-70’s, bluesy heavy guitar power trio riffage that kick’s serious six-string ass. Halberg digs deep and rips up his guitar on classic, vintage Hendrix & Cream jams, paying tribute to his “roots” on this amazingly kool disc.

Highly recommended to fans of Hendrix, Cream, Clapton & Trower. Poul Halberg is the REAL deal when it comes down to authentic, supreme "old school" 70's inspired bluesy heavy guitar magic.

Strange Brew (MC)
Strange Brew (BU)

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