Lubos Bena & Bonzo Radvanyi - Nemám Hlad, Nemám Smäd MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 32:30
Size: 75.9 MB
Label: Indies Happy trail Records
Styles: Electric blues
Year: 2012
Art: Front

[2:44] 1. Big Road Blues
[2:07] 2. I Love to Live My Life Today
[2:44] 3. Travelling Blues
[3:24] 4. 04 Zdá Sa, Že Koncím.mp3
[3:17] 5. Diving Duck
[3:37] 6. Drinking Blues
[2:21] 7. Nemám Hlad, Nemám Smäd
[3:52] 8. She´s About a Mover
[2:41] 9. Talkative Woman
[3:28] 10. The King of the Blues
[2:21] 11. Stop Drinking That Wine
[3:14] 12. I Had a Battle With My Whiskey Bottle

"Nemi¡m hlad, nemi¡m smad" (I'm not hungry, I'm not thirsty) - a new album by the two Slovak bluesmen Lubos Bena and Bonzo Radvanyi has been recently released on the Czech Indies Happy Trials Records Publishing label. The new album is a collection of mostly Lubos Bena and Bonzo's original tunes, sung in Slovak and English, supplemented with a few well-known blues standards. The album was recorded as was usual in the old days - all live, in one session and mostly in one take. Simply, â€zone two three four and go". The album's cover and inserted booklet are interwoven with black and white photographs, songs lyrics, info about the musicians, as well as about a history of the resophonic guitar and its inventor.

In spite of the "mini" personnel of just the two musicians involved, the new album offers a wide variety of music. It contains not the typical twelve-bar blues only. In individual pieces you can hear different harmonies, rhythms, moods and even blues styles. Lubos Bena has capitalized on his experience of traveling around Mississippi Delta and besides the resophonic guitar he plays at the same time also on a reduced drum kit. On top of that, he has recorded on the album all the rhythms parts, washboard, resophonic guitar, a special guitar made of gas can, electric Fender Telecaster guitar. In the last album's tune he "plays" even the sound of the famous Slovak Pine Brandy bottles... On the other hand, Bonzo Radvanyi, who is a more blues-rock oriented musician,has recorded all the vocals and enriched the album with some harmonica and kazoo solos. Beside the two mentioned musicians, in a couple of tunes the album features also Hammond organist Mike Kramir, who used to play with Bonzo Radvanyi in a legendary Slovak beat group The Breakers, back in the 6O-ties.

Lubos Bena and Bonzo Radvanyi are the best-known resophonic guitars promoters over here. Not only they play these instruments, but they also live in the part of Slovakia where John Dopyera was born.

They both have several times also personally met with the family of John Dopyera. By the way, the new CD album is dedicated to the memory of this Slovak born inventor of resophonic guitar, whose 120th birth anniversary will be commemorated in July next year. Besides, in January 2013 we will also mark the 25th anniversary of his death.

Nemám Hlad, Nemám Smäd

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