D.C. Larue - Let Them Dance: The Best of D.C. Larue MP3/Flac

D.C. Larue - Let Them Dance: The Best of D.C. LarueLet Them Dance: The Best of D.C. Larue

LaRue was born David Charles L’Heureux on April 26, 1949 in New Haven, Connecticut. After studying graphic design at college, he entered the record industry as an album sleeve designer working for recording artists that included John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Ten Wheel Drive, Jim Croce, John Sebastian and Janis Ian. LaRue saw design as a way of getting into the industry through the back door—his ambition had always been to become a singer. His album graphic design work won him two prestigious Paul Revere Awards before his deciding to take the giant step into the disco limelight by signing a recording agreement with Pyramid Records.


1. Cathedrals Listen Listen
2. Don't Keep It In The Shadows Listen Listen
3. Face Of Love Listen Listen
4. Indiscreet Listen Listen
5. Let Them Dance Listen Listen
6. Do You Want The Real Thing Listen Listen
7. Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm Listen Listen
8. Meter Men Listen Listen
9. So Much For L.A.

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