Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Dance Across The Floor MP3/Flac

Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Dance Across The Floor

Wow. Sometimes gold can be found off the beaten track.

I was rooting around my favorite record shop the other day and came across this gem. Produced by Wayne Casey (aka K.C. And The Sunshine Band) and released on Casey's Sunshine Records, it has that Sunshine Band vibe all through it. Lots of bass heavy rhythms with tons of chant like chorus'.

You'll see what I mean.

I really knew nothing else about this at a glance. I went home and researched it and found out this little puppy has been sampled TO DEATH! Da Lench Mob, Cash Money & Marvelous, The Council all sampled "Dance Across The Floor". And Chris Rock used "Get Happy" as background music on one of his HBO comedy specials.

But my favorite sample is "Let Me (Let Me Be Your Lover)" having it's intro bass line stolen whole for Stereo MC's "Connected".

What a surprise! How did this little album become a rappers delight?

Listen to find out:

Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Get Happy
Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Dance Across The Floor
Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Let Me (Let Me Be Your Love)

Stereo MC - Connected