Universal Robot Band - Dance And Shake Your Tambourine MP3/Flac

Universal Robot Band - Dance And Shake Your Tambourine

in 1976 Leroy Burgess and Greg Carmichael joined Patrick Adams in the group Universal Robot Band.

Leroy Burgess was the singer with a goup called Black Ivory. When should started to be taken over by disco in the 70's he decided to jump ship and join the disco scene. The group was on the label that Adams ran at the time, so joining his friend in the Robot Band endeavor must have seemed like an easy way of starting out in disco.

The two met up with Greg Carmichael whose Red Greg Records disco label first produced Adams in his Bumble Bee Unlimited guise.

To the record. I must be honest and say that this is probably the least sexy album cover I've ever seen on a disco record. The photo of a tambourine with a drawing of a mini-skirt wearing robot shaking a tambourine; wow. That's original.

And to be brutally honest the first song on the album "Flintstone Disco" is so terrible that I didn't even bother putting it in my iTunes. it is just horrible and grating.

BUT... The rest of the album is ace! The single, "Dance And Shake Your Tambourine" is great and the long (and generically titled) "Space Disco" is a wonderful track full of great spacey vibes with minimal usage of synths. It's like analogue space disco. PRetty cool. I was ready to hate this album after the first track, but the rest is so good I just ignore that Flintstone crap and play the other songs.

With that, please enjoy:

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