DJITALO - Italomix 7 Nonstop Mix (2008) MP3/Flac

DJITALO - Italomix 7 Nonstop Mix (2008)
Nonstop Italomix 7 by djitalo

Exclusively for
Artwork by Maxx

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1-Moon Ray - Comanchero
2-Dyva - On Fire
3-Music Service - Another Song
4-Clock On 5 - Furyo
5-Den Harrow - Mad Desire (Swedish Remix)
6-Radiorama - Aliens
7-Alex Cundari & Brian Ice - Walkin (Zumbae)
8-Stargo - Live Is Life
9-Carrara - Shine On Dance
10-M Like Moon - Sunlight
11-Marylin Love - Another Love
12-Savage - Time
13-Sophie - Broken Tale
14-Lucia - Marinero (djitalo intro edit)
15-Mike Francis - Survivor
16-Decadance - On and On
17-Wish Key - Last Summer
18-Fantasy Life - Over and Over
19-Saxophone - Souvenir
20-Hands of Love - Dance to Dance
21-Christine - Dancing Hour
22-Savage - Radio
23-Giak - Inside You
24-Miko Mission - Around my Dream
25-Madigan - Chance
26-B.B. Bonsai - Prince Of the Night
27-Savage - Only You
28-Mac Jr - Elephant Song (djitalo intro edit)
29-Dave Force - Play Your Game
30-Mark Tower - You Aren't Falling in Love (djitalo -intro Re-edit)
31-Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do
32-Maskio - Subway (Roller Force)
33-Brando - rainy Day
34-Duke Lake - Do You
35-Styloo - Pretty Face
36-Noa Noa - Harry O' (djitalo intro edit)
37-George Aaron - Heaven (djitalo intro edit)
38-Charlie - Spacer Woman
39-Tiziana Rivale - Moviestory
40-Camomilla - Queen of the Night
41-Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Electric Love
42-Casco - Cybernetic Love
43-Cyber People - Void Vision/Visitors
44-Jonathan Gable - Central Park
45-Alyne - Over The Sky
46-Jd Jabber - Don't Stop Loving
47-The Managers - On Race
48-Helicon - You See
49-Vic Trick - I Want Some1 2 Love
50-Black Book - You Must Change (Mystery Woman)
51-Brian Davis - Changin' Boy
52-Tato - Crazy Boy
53-Mark - Dreamland
54-Webo - Magic Moment
55-Reeds - In Your Eyes (Dance version)
56-Danny Keith - Love Me Again
57-Flexx - Theme from FlexxyBall (You'll Never Change No More)
58-Lazarus - Wait (Remix)
59-Ventura - Another Time
60-Chianese - Day by Day
61-Lovables - It's Beautiful
62-Kissing The Kiss - Run Stop
63-Next - You're An Illusion
64-New Sin - Old Man
65-Russell Russell - From Here
66-Patrick Palma - Moonlight Serenade
67-De-de-Mo - Cause I Need You, Cause I Love You
68-Mark Owen - This Moment
69-Grecos - Nothin'Ville
70-Humphrey Robertson - Don't stop Loving Me
71- Blu I Boy - Night of Ecstasy
72-Salvy & Giuly - Stop The World
73-K.a.T.A. - Fires In The Night
74-Time - Shaker Shake (djitalo intro edit)
75-Aneka - Japanese Boy
76-Karl Otto & Joey Mauro - Broken Emotions
77-Talko - Psyko Flash
78-Texas Johnny - Superman
79-Zener - New Generation
80-Ghecko - Firelight
81-Gianco - Old Night Flight
82-Dan Eller - Carillon
83-Dust Man - King of the Ghetto
84-Gary Low - You Are A Danger
85-Gazebo - Masterpiece
86-Gary Low - I Want You
87-Ryan Paris - Besoin D'Amour
88-Natasha King - On Ice
89-Faxe - Time For Changes
90-Steve Allen - Lagoon Girl
91-Dario Dell'Aere - Eagles in the Night
92-Savoir Faire - Talking To The Stars
93-Ryvon Dj - I'm Gonna Dance
94-Paciscopi - Love's Harmony
95-Mike Rogers - Just A story
96-Ranko - Happy World
97-Bruno Mosti - Zero Gravity
98-L.A.Messina - Say Sandie
99-L.A.Messina - Day dream
100-Madigan - Ice Cold Love (Remix)
101-Susanne Meals - Forever
102-Valerie Dore - It's So Easy
103-Yvonne Koomen - Last Night (djitalo intro edit)
104-Time - Love Is The Reason
105-Miko Mission - The World Is You (Swedish rEmix)
106-Miko Mission - How old Are You (Ben Liebrand remix)
107-Joe Yellow - I'm Your Lover
108-Fred Ventura - The Years
109-Felli - Shadows of the Night
110-Marc Fruterro - Deep Inside of Your Heart
111-Sir J - Sunny
112-Webo - Magic Moment
113-Time - Don't stop
114-Time - Selling Song
115-Anthony's Games - Sunshine Love
116-Sharks - I Love You
117-Clay Pedrini - New Dream
118-Thai Break - Flowers in the Rain
119-Costas Charitodiplomenos - Fill My Glass
120-Mauro - Buona sera Ciao Ciao (New Mix)
121-Bernie Paul - Attenzione
122-Depeche's Cover - No Disco
123-Felli - Diamond In The Night
124-Claudio Mingardi - Star
125-Rudy - A Love Affair
126-Roy - Shooting Star
127-City O' - Rose of Tokyo
128- Bolero - I Wish
129-Frank Paul and the Flames - I'll Never Stop
130-Asso - Do It Again
131-Sky Creakers - You Should Be Dancing
132-Mike Cannon - Voices in the Dark
133-Luca Coveri - Do It Again (Banana Mix)
134-Get Flash - Beautiful Night
135-Humphrey - Devil Love
136-Reeds - The Game
137-Katy Gray - Hold Me Tight
138-Laroche Valmont - T'as Le Look Coco
139-Kristal - Love and Magic
140-Roxana - In Your Eyes
141-Gina & The Flexix - I Wanna Believe
142-Den Harrow - A Taste of Love
143-Albert One - Turbo Diesel
144-Dee D. Jackson - My Sweet Carillon
145-Tammie Lee - Sky High
146-Leader Band - Your My Everything
147-Steely Chuck McDonald - Dream
148-Gazebo - Sun Goes Down On Milky Way
149-Joe Yellow - Lover to Lover
150-Joe Yellow - Take My Heart
151-Den Harrow - To Meet Me
152-Lama - Nineteen Ninety Three
153-Sissy - Queen of Discotheque
154-Ameli - New Romantic
155-Gene Ramone - Romantic Face
156-Op.8 - Butterfly
157-Droids - (Do you have) The Force
158-K.Barre - Right By the Moon
159-Shirone - Onde
160-The Fashion - Future Girl
161-Stargo - Capsicum
162-Aquarius - Darkness
163-Camomilla - Tonight
164-Body Games - Stop Love
165-Visa - Bolero Night
166-Cless - Extrateresstreally
167-Art Deco - Because The Movie is On
168-Anthony's Game - Hey Hey Girl
169-N.O.I.A. - Try and See