Amerie - Because I Love It MP3/Flac

Amerie - Because I Love It

Amerie - Because I Love It

Amerie - Because I Love It
MP3 | RnB - HipHop | 256 kbps | 00:51:49 | 105.05 Mb | 2007

Five BIG Stars!! Amerie's latest CD effort is a total winner. I've been listening to the advance track "1 Thing" (the remix with rapper Eve) for over a year, while waiting for this full CD. Using unique musical backgrounds, Amerie once again makes the case that she is in the front rank of R&B and hip-hop female singers and deserves more attention from fans and awards committees.

01. Forecast Intro
02. Hate 2 Love U
03. Some Like It
04. Make Me Believe
05. Take Control
06. Gotta Work
07. Crush
08. Crazy Wonderful
09. That's What U R
10. When Loving U Was Easy
11. Paint Me Over
12. Somebody Up There
13. All Roads
14. 1 Thing (Bonus Track)
15. Losing U (Bonus Track)

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