Jay Gruska - Which One Of Us Is Me (1984) MP3/Flac

Jay Gruska - Which One Of Us Is Me (1984)

JAY GRUSKA: lead/backing vocals, keyboards
GUITARS: Steve Lukather (on trak #7)
GUITARS: Michael Landau, Tony Berg
BASS: Nathan East, Mike Porcaro, Abraham Laboriel, John Pierce, Neil Stubenhaus
KEYBOARDS: Michael Omartian, Randy Kerber, Creig Seigel
DRUMS: John Robinson, Carlos Vega, Vinnie Colaiuta, Doane Perry
PERCUSSION: Mike Fisher, Don Williams, Chaz Love
FLUTE: George Englund
BACKGOUNG VOCALS: Jermaine Jackson, Brock Walsh, Joseph Williams, Nick Uhrig, Paul Gordon, Michele Gruska, Debbie Shapiro

01. Desperate eyes (Jay Gruska, Brock Walsh)
02. Atlanta calling (Jay Gruska, Michael Landau)
03. Tattoo (Tony Berg, Jay Gruska)
04. The motion (Paul Gordon, Jay Gruska)
05. Cancun (Paul Gordon, Jay Gruska)
06. Which one of us is me (Paul Gordon, Jay Gruska)
07. Take a number (Jay Gruska, Joseph Williams)
08. Famous (Jay Gruska, Randy Kerber)
09. Circus (Paul Gordon, Jay Gruska)
10. Baby theme (Jay Gruska)

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