Bald Bros Blues Band - Double Header MP3/Flac

Size: 71,7 MB
Time: 31:18
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2006
Styles: Rockin' Blues
Label: Bald Bros Blues Band
Art: Front

01. Would Ya Baby? (3:28)
02. Microsoft Blues (5:11)
03. Hey Buddy (3:06)
04. Chumbly's Day Off (3:16)
05. Christmas In Las Vegas (3:33)
06. Blunt Force Trauma Blues (2:56)
07. Bald Bros Skit (1:24)
08. Stir It Up (4:11)
09. Wait In Vain (3:56)
10. Send Off (0:14)

Got Head? Well the Bald Brothers do, and they're getting more everyday!

The Brothers come at you head first with their own brand of bald blues!

With humorous skits, catchy lyrics, and head strong blues, this is the cd that every baldy and baldy lover needs!

"WOULD YA BABY" is an American classic that the Brothers bring home in style.

If you like great harmonica solos, then take a trip with the brothers as they ride that train to New Orleans on "HEY BUDDY"

If you've ever been frustrated by online dating, try a taste of "MICROSOFT BLUES"

Try out some Chicago blues with the "BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA(from messin with my Momma) BLUES" It's hard hitting and hip shaking! With harp, drum, bass, piano and guitar solos fighting it out. You don't want to miss this one!

Hang with Chumbly on "CHUMBLYS DAY OFF" as he hangs with Monroe, but watch out for Reba!

Spend "CHRISTMAS IN LAS VEGAS" with the Bald Bros, yeah it's jingle all the way!

Bet you didn't know the brothers could play some reggae!
Well back in the day they were known as the "Dreaded Bald Brothers"!

"STIR IT UP" and "WAIT IN VAIN" are two of the Brothers favorite Bob Marley songs.. Listen and you'll see why.
All this and more on the Bald Bros Blues Bands debut cd!

Some hairy blues! Check it!

Double Header

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