The Dynatones - Shake That Mess MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 51:58
Size: 121.0 MB
Label: Blue Suit
Styles: R&B, Memphis soul-blues
Year: 1999
Art: Front

[3:41] 1. Don't Cry No More
[3:14] 2. Never Felt Like This Before
[3:02] 3. Zig Zag Lightning
[2:50] 4. Broadway Ain't Funky No More
[6:53] 5. Memphis Women & Fried Chicken
[4:17] 6. Cadillac Assembly Line
[3:19] 7. Burning Fire
[3:32] 8. Baby Don't Leave Me
[5:12] 9. How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark
[3:19] 10. Ace Of Spades
[3:27] 11. Bring Her Back
[3:46] 12. The Chokin' Kind'
[3:14] 13. Crying For My Baby
[2:05] 14. Green Bettle Lounge

This CD showcases the best of the Dynatones. Their knowledge and love of R&B/soul is evident in the choice of cuts. They pay homage to the masters while keeping this music form alive and in the present. The quality of the music is astounding! Every section of the band is at its best-rhythm, horns, vocals, and guitars are top form. Fun to dance to, drive to or just sit back and listen. ~

Recorded at Guerilla Recording, Oakland, California.

Steve Edmonson (vocals, guitar, percussion); Mike Rose (vocals, trumpet, percussion); Mike Rinta (vocals, trombone, percussion); Walter Salwitz (vocals, drums, percussion); Marcus Scott (vocals, percussion).

Shake That Mess

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