Mojo Blues Band - Blues Roll On! MP3/Flac

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 66:25
Size: 153.8 MB
Label: Styx
Styles: Chicago blues, Louisiana blues
Year: 1994/2012
Art: Front

[2:49] 1. Let It Rain
[4:16] 2. Chicago Is Callin'
[3:52] 3. Masada
[5:17] 4. I'm Not That Easy
[4:00] 5. It's Half Past Midnight (feat. Jimmy Anderson)
[3:51] 6. Frankie and Johnny (feat. Jimmy Anderson)
[5:44] 7. Promised Land (feat. Johnny Allan)
[3:01] 8. I Feel Like Dancing (feat. Johnny Allan)
[4:58] 9. Nothing in This Wold (feat. Jimmy Anderson)
[4:33] 10. Inflation Blues (feat. Little Mac Simmons)
[4:51] 11. Highway 57 (feat. Taildragger)
[5:30] 12. Johnny Walker & Jack Daniel's (feat. Golden Big Wheeler)
[3:26] 13. Restless Man (feat. Golden Big Wheeler)
[3:42] 14. I Stay Mad (feat. A.C.Reed)
[6:29] 15. Georges' West Side Jive (feat. Little Mac Simmons, Steve Bell, Taildragger & Mojo Elem)

"The Mojo Blues Band's preference for Swamp Blues and Cajun music eventually led to the invitation of musicians from Louisiana and Mississippi to Austria in 1992. Both Johnnie Allen and Harry Simoneaux, two authentic Cajuns are experienced war- horses from Lafayette, as well as Jimmy Anderson, one of the last living Swamp Blues musicians were on their list of guests. Jimmy who now lives in Natchez, Mississippi had a few local hits in the early 60's but then retired from the music business later to be rediscovered by Johnnie Allen - "Ambassador of Swamp Pop" in 1991".

The Louisiana Session:
Track 5, 7 & 8 - Recorded live at "Metropol", Vienna, Nov. 17 1992, Track 6 & 9 - Recorded live in Hellmonsödt, Nov. 18 1992

The Chicago Session:
Recorded March 5 and 6 1993 at Seagrape Studios, Chicago.

"In March 1993 we followed the call of the blues to Chicago for a second time. There on the Westside Mojos met up with many colourful personalities. Among them was Little Mac Simmons, who had gained a reputation as a singer and harmonica player in the 60's. With him they recorded his brand new track "Inflation Blues". In this song he praises the then new President of the U.S., Bill Clinton and expresses the hope of the American people for economic growth and social innovation".

Erik Trauner (vocal, guitar, slide guitar); Markus Toyfl (guitar, b.vocals); Henning Pertiet (piano); Dani Gugolz (bass, lead vocal (2)); Peter Müller (drums)'

Jimmy Anderson (vocals, harmonica 5,6,9); Johnnie Allen (vocals 7,8); Harry Simoneaux (piano 7,8); Taildragger (vocals 5,7, 11, 13-16); Little Mac Simmons (vocals 10,15, harmonica 10); Big Mojo Elem (vocals 15); Steve Bell (harmonica); A.C. Reed (vocals 14, tenor sax 14).

Blues Roll On!

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