The O Band - The Knife - (1977 Uk classic rock blended progressive rock - Wave) MP3/Flac

[b]The Band Called "O" final studio LP contains stunning versions of Spirit's "Look To The Left Look To The Right" and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Almost Saturday Night" as well as nice quality self composed songs. Through never achieving the commercial success they merited there's no doubting that the O-Band were one of the UK's finest Rock bands of the 70's. However, this album is excellent, and can be regarded as a swan song succeeded ...[/b]
[b] Musically, their style had already evolved from progressive rock to soft-rock, but it then moved towards a pop style. They changed their name to "The O Band" and released a 12" EP Look to the Left, Look to the Right in 1977. before recording their final album The Knife, from which the single "Almost Saturday Night"/"Love Ain't A Keeper" was taken, also in 1977. Shortly before a planned change of management, Pix Pickford decided to leave for a solo career. The O Band later disbanded at the end of 1977. [/b]
[b]01. Look To The Left Look To The Right[/b]
[b]02. Almost Saturday Night[/b]
[b]03. Im Gonna Leave You[/b]
[b]04. Strange Lovin[/b]
[b]05. Back Alley Lightning[/b]
[b]06. Time Seems To Fly[/b]
[b]07. The Knife[/b]
[b]08. Got To Run[/b]
[b]09. Venus Avenue[/b]
[b]10. A Smile Is Diamond ( Maxi Version)[/b]
[b]11. Fine White Wine[/b]

[b]Mark Anders - Bass Guitar[/b]
[b]Pix Pickford - Lead Vocals, Guitar[/b]
[b]Greg Anders - Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar[/b]
[b]Jeff Bannister - Vocals, Keyboards[/b]
[b]Derek Ballard - Drums, Percussion[/b]