Joe Strummer - Live on the Jools Holland Show MP3/Flac

evening all.just got time for a quick post today before i have to get up at stupid oclock to go to work!anyway its a great joe strummer and the mescaleros mini show recorded live on the jools holland show sometime back in 2000. its 4 tracks  (well technically 5 if you count the opening 'jam')and features 2 tracks from the clash and 2 from the mescaleros. really good sound quality so i can only assume this was taken from a video rip or something like that. anyways thanks to reggie for this, its a really nice addition to my clash/joe strummer collection. so please listen, enjoy and then leave a know it makes sense.dont forget to include repost requests etc in the comments too or if there is anything in particular you would like to see you only have to ask.thanks very much.
p,s martin your UB40 repost is coming very soon mate. Honestly!!
joe on jools here!