D.Ramirez - Tease Machine MP3/Flac

D.Ramirez - Tease Machine
Label: Great Stuff
Catalogue#: GSR167
Style: House
Rls Date: 05 November 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
D.Ramirez - You Make Me Feel / Tease Machine Great Stuff Recordings D.Ramirez returns to Great Stuff with another hot EP, bursting at the seams with electronic sass and energy. You Make Me Feel is a menacing, swirling techno beast, laced with paranoid, dissonant synths that hover and pulse atop the track in threatening fashion. The rhythm is typically taut of a D.Ramirez tech stomper, with frenzied synths anchored by swathes of infinitely undulating bass and carefully crafted percussive patterns. Filtered breakdowns heighten the tension, momentarily reigning back the power of this meaty track before it thunders back into life. Tease Machine treads a path that the likes of Jamie Jones have forged, with stripped-back, stomping beats underpinning a plump, melodic synth b-line whose occasional snarls and rasps hint at his electro house heritage. There's nothing as brash as the sounds of those era though, percussion simmered down to a subtle roll and FX utilised it succinct fashion. A disco loop or thereabouts gets chopped and splintered in the breakdowns to counteract that weighty electronic groove of the rest of the track, and the outcome is something focused, simple and very effective.

1. Tease Machine (Original Mix) 6:17
2. You Make Me Feel (Original Mix) 7:29