Matthias Zimmermann - Botanica Dub MP3/Flac

Matthias Zimmermann - Botanica Dub
Label: Sound Pellegrino
Catalogue#: 38187
Style: Electronic / Nu-Disco
Rls Date: 05 November 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
After landing on the scene last year with his first Sound Pellegrino release “Isla Dub”, and exercising his unique combination of war drums, electromechanical symphonies and earth sounds on such highly respectable labels as Tigersushi and Discobelle, gaining the respect of peers such as Hudson Mohawke, Martyn, Laurent Garnier, Joakim, Modeselektor, Ivan Smagghe, Boys Noize, Breakbot and many more in the process, German maestro Matthias Zimmermann is back for the third time on his newly-permanent home Sound Pellegrino.
Yes, home, as in “Child, you are my treasure, my burden… my Artist. This is your home. You know, where the heart is.”
We launched Sound Pellegrino back in 2009 as a cut-the-middle-man, no-strings-attached, one-off-based crush outlet for club music we wanted to share with other DJs in the form of EPs. The great thing with such definitive decisions in art is their volatile character. Actually it’s guaranteed: you know that some time in the future, the solid rules you’ve established as a framework will be breached in a new passionate, therefore totally valid decision.
When the “Isla Dub” EP came out last year, we knew we were witnessing the start of an exciting trajectory: the career of young genius Matthias Zimmermann. That was for sure. A man with a vision, a thirst to learn and collaborate, a sensibility that encompasses almost every musical genre we love. And now a friend. The question was: would we have the balls to weave our trajectory with his?
The gonad inventory turned out to be in excess. We had to give the man a proverbial Sound Pellegrino chain.
We’re very scared excited to announce that Matthias Zimmermann is the very first artist to sign an album deal on Sound Pellegrino, with his full-length debut set for mid-2013. After all it makes sense: he is an extremely productive precocious master whose creativity is meant to be exercised on long players. His art, his tales, his requiems are built for albums.

01. Paul 5:39
02. Quincy 4:49
03. Vincente 5:00