After Haze - Too Late MP3/Flac

After Haze - Too Late
Label: Lovejet
Catalogue#: LJR010
Style: Electronic / Nu-Disco
Rls Date: 22 October 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
'The soul singer Cira fuses together with the electronic experiences of Davide and combines this Too Late, full of positivism and jazzy elements vibes.
Also Included in it the Lovejet edit for the ones who prefer another point of view in the melodic direction.'
After Haze - Too Late - Lyrics.
This was not the way it was meant to be, eager to receive, but nothing good to give.
Pitch dark all around but i can see anyway, teach me how to breath before it is too late.
I sinned against my soul, swallowed by fog.
Now that the mask has slipped, nothing is wrong.

01. After Haze – Too Late (Lovejet Edit) (06:02)
02. After Haze – Too Late (Tasteful Instrumental Mix) (06:00)
03. After Haze – Too Late (Tasteful Vocal Mix) (04:42)