GMGN & Dusty Digital - Starlite Paradise EP MP3/Flac

GMGN & Dusty Digital - Starlite Paradise EP
Label: Mozzarella
Catalogue#: MOZZ 051D
Style: Indie / Nu-Disco / House
Rls Date: 26 October 2012
Quality: 320 kbps
GMGN get's in the studio with Dusty Digital and it's instantly 80’s inspired disco with that je ne sais quoi you expect from GMGN. The remixes are the icing on the cake, Richeart & Momis are from deep south Sicily but sounds more like they are from Chicago. Auxiliary The Masterfader is a liar, he keeps telling us he is going on holiday in Italy.. but the truth is that he is perfecting the art of italo with a guru on a mountain. Odahl goes 90’s house, cooler than cool.

1. Gotta get up (ODahl Remix) 5:38
2. Gotta get up (Richeart & Momis rmx) 9:57
3. Gotta Get Up 5:17
4. Starlite Paradise (Auxiliary tha Masterfader Bass Mix) 4:52
5. Starlite Paradise (Auxiliary tha Masterfader RMX) 3:49
6. Starlite Paradise 6:56