Sawyer Brown: Travelin' Band (2011) MP3/Flac

Celebrating their 30 year anniversary in 2011, Sawyer Brown released their 23rd album, Travelin’ Band,  (October 10th, 2011). The CD, featuring the lead-off single “Smokin’ Hot Wife,” has been in the works for the past couple of years.

“We’ve been working on this album so long that they were still called albums when we started working on it,” jokes lead singer, Mark Miller, who also produced the CD.

Travelin’ Band features new songs by Miller and bandmate Hobie Hubbard, as well as songs by Tom Douglas, Jeffrey Steele, and Love and Theft’s Stephen Barker Liles.

“We’ve been blessed to be making records for about 26 years now,” Miller said, “and the great thing about taking some time between the last CD and this one is that it gave us more time to write and to listen to a lot great songs from our songwriting buddies. And, as we’ve found out over the years, there’s no better place to try out new songs than on the road–and you know we’ve never been shy about going on the road.”

I have not had the time to listen to this CD being busy with re-doing the links and all. This is one that I picked up on the internet so if there is any bad tracks or poor quality sound please let me know. It's all about quality here not quantity. I appreciate any and all the help I get from y'all.