Voices & Instruments (Obscure 1976) MP3/Flac

Alright people, I'm back after the house move and you'll all be glad to hear that I got my priorities straight and now have the records sorted and the stereo up and running so Snap, Crackle and Pop is now back in business.

This little gem from Brian Eno's short lived Obscure label is a real grower.  Jan Steele and John Cage are given a side each but somehow their compositions really hang together and sound like a whole LP.  Both sides feature some sublime vocal performances with Janet Sherbourne performing on the Jan Steele pieces,  Robert Wyatt and Carla Bley on the John Cage tracks.  Steve Beresford and Fred Frith also perform on some of the songs

These songs are definately late night/small hours smokey material.  There's something dark and sensuous about this music, and I find it fills the air with some strange erotics.  Or maybe that's just me.

Let me know your thoughts please.


01 Jan Steele - All Day
02 Jan Steele - Distant Saxophones
03 Jan Steele - Rhapsody Spaniel
04 John Cage -Experiences No 1
05 John Cage - Experiences No 2
06 John Cage - The Wonderful World of Eighteen Springs
07 John Cage - Forever and Sunsmell
08 John Cage - In a Landscape

Get it HERE.