Musiques de l'Asie Traditionnelle Vol. 7: Java - L'Art du Gamelan MP3/Flac

"The learned music of Java - one of the largest islands of Indonesia - is characterized by the use of a large orchestra based on metallophones named gamelan...there are several thousand types, the structure of which varies according to the kind of music they are used for, according to the period when they were built, finally according to the districts.  The oldest gamelan still in use nowadays date back to the hinduist period of Java, i.e. before the fourteenth century, and still have an extremely pure sonority"
Jacques Brunet

In sharp contrast to the often frantic gamelan music of Bali, these strange sounds emanating from Java exude an airless sense of stasis, or maybe the movement is slower than can be perceived, like evolution or galaxies being formed.


01 Gending Babad, mode Slendro Nem
02 Gendin Tejanata suivi de Ladrang Playon, mode Pelog Lima

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