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Brighter Side of Darkness was a short-lived American R&B/soul group. They were formed in 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. Their lead singer was 12-year-old Darryl Lamont; the other members were Ralph Eskridge, Randolph Murph and Larry Washington.

They released the single "Love Jones" in December 1972. It was a hit in the US (Hot 100, #16; Hot Soul Singles, #3) and was certified gold by February 9, 1973 by the RIAA. They released an album, Love Jones, in 1973. Their second single, "I Owe You Love", was less successful, and the group disbanded in 1974.

"Love Jones" was parodied as "Basketball Jones" by Cheech and Chong in 1973.

Other than the Jackson Five's early Motown releases, and the excellent Curtis Mayfield-produced debut by the Five Stairsteps, the Brighter Side of Darkness' Love Jones is one of the best teen albums ever. Twelve-year-old lead singer Daryl Lamont, like Michael Jackson, sounds like Frankie Lymon reincarnated. His youthful voice crosses age barriers. "I Owe You Love," "Can I Come Over," and the million-selling title track are all must-hear soul gems.

01. Just A Little Bit  
02. Oh Baby  
03. I Owe You Love  
04. Love Jones  
05. I'm A Loser  
06. Love Jones (Instrumental)  
07. Something To Remember You By  
08. Just A Little Bit (Instrumental)  
09. Summer Ride  
10. I'm The Guy  
+ Bonus Tracks

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