Frankie Paul & Little John - Showdown Vol.6 MP3/Flac

Hitbound LP, 1984

A1) Frankie Paul - Slave Driver
A2) Frankie Paul - Children Of Israel
A3) Frankie Paul - Taking Over
A4) Frankie Paul - Cardboard Where I Lay My Head
A5) Frankie Paul - Wicked A Go Feel It
B1) Little John - Do The Belly Roll
B2) Little John - Too Young To Fall In Love
B3) Little John - Give Me Woman With The Working Man
B4) Little John - All The Girls Across The Ocean
B5) Little John - Smoke Ganja Hard

Backed by: The Roots Radics
Bass: Flabba
Drums: Style
Guitar: Bingy Bunny & Dwight Pickney
Keyboards: Steelie
Percussion: Sky Juice

Produced by: Kenneth Hoo Kim
Engineered by: Soljie
Mixed by: Barnabas & Wayne Hoo Kim
Recorded & Mixed at: Channel One