Dillinger & Trinity - Clash MP3/Flac

Burning Sounds LP, 1977

A1) Rizla Skank
A2) Spike Heel Shoes
A3) Natty Dread Ah Carry The Swing
A4) Natty Dread On The Ball
A5) Jamaican Dollars
A6) Shelly With The Electric Belly
B1) Step It Brother Clem
B2) Stumbling Block
B3) Cricket Lovely Cricket
B4) Natty Passing Through A Curfew
B5) Natty Dread Is Not The Prodigal Son
B6) Starsky And Hutch

Produced & Mixed by: Clem Bushay
Recorded at: Channel One (Kingston) & Chalk Farm (London)
Mixed at: Berry Street (London)