Music That Wants Your Soul 2.0 (2012) MP3/Flac

Music That Wants Your Soul 2.0 (2012)

Music That Wants Your Soul 2.0 (2012)
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Genre: Documentary

This is a redone different version of Sex and Satanism in Music Videos 2011. The length has been shortened. It is now under 2 hours. The last one was 3. The clips have been moved around. The first half has been completely moved around. Some stuff has been cut out, Redownload to see the improvements or to see if you like this version better. I feel this version is more watchable. Here is some info about the video.
This is a documentary about how I feel the music industry is Satanic. I used hundreds of music videos serving as examples. Lots of rock, rap, and pop music videos. The biggest names in the music industry are covered. The documentary is done from a Christian perspective (Jesus). I made this for everyone to watch. I made this new version because I wanted to make the video under 2 hours. And I wanted to make it more watchable.

Download it, Watch it. I made this myself for free. Give it a chance :)
Note this isn't porn. Sorry Guys. But a Documentary showing how Music Videos are selling sex by the lyrics and imagery along with promoting Satanic themes.
Let me begin and say that this is no way bashing people that are members of Satanism or follow their beliefs. That is your freedom of choice. This film is my conclusion and critique of the Music Industry.
There are some mistakes in the film and it is far from perfect. This new dvd movie documentary covers hundreds of music videos. I can't name all of the artists, but I will list a few, so you have an idea of what you're going to watch now. I cover artists such as 1. Michael Jackson, 2. Lady Gaga , 3. mother virgin blonde artist Madonna (image portrays J) 4. ColdPlay, and older music like the 5. Beatles . The video has Rock legends 6. Elvis Presley , 7. Led Zeppelin , 8. the Rolling Stones , 9. The Who , 10. AC/DC , 11. U2, and 12. Queen. A discography or classsic rock. A lot of Rap is included too which you will read about now. Since I was working on this 2011 some artists like adele
aren't covered, the newer artists. But artists like Emenem, Rihanna, Linkin Park are.
Along with that, a bunch of 90's artists like Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The video also has hard rock artists like Marilyn Manson and Metallica. There is a good variety of music in this documentary even ranging from Slipknot or heavy metal blood, and hip-hop . More examples include Jay Z, Snoop Dog, and others girls artists. There will be hundreds of more music artists that you have seen from TV. This video covers very little country, a few techno music videos, hindi, a little punk, like Greenday. The majority of music is rock, pop, and rap. There are a few interviews, like with Bob Dylan and Prodigy. lesser knowns are not included like immortals and apollo ect.... Only the towering mega super stars are in this adventure. Like the sexy fine star Beyonce. (Goddess Image) :)
*Note: There might be a few of these artists left out now with this new release being shorter.
Next, I will explain the theme of my documentary. At first glance, some people might write this off as a real conspiracy steal like an Alex Jones film. But do not be deceived. I made this myself and I am offering it for free to you to download now. because What this has a lot to offer. And covers the message of music and where did we come from, who are we.. This true video documentary will offer this to you. Now I do narration to accomplish this. You are free to draw your own conclusions because for the majority of this film, the music videos like Prince, and Kanye West will tell the story. Download it and now decide for yourself.
From how I look at it, the music industry is controlled, strings attached. You can say the center is the rock or freemasonry. What I mean by this, is if you want to be in the music industry, you have to support certain themes and drive their dark car. Breakng boy and girl bands in the past, like the Backstreet Boys, Insync, and the Spice Girls, have covertly promoted a lifestyle of free sex. And what I mean by this, in music videos, like a Christina Aguilera, the message you can see is one of sex affairs instead of love. This is a problem because this message is being done covertly and is to heist today's youth. This is why it's hard to find any values being promoted by today's musicians because the music industry is controlled anarchy and is forming a self-destruction on values and principles. The family structure is being attacked and destroyed on purpose. You have to think for yourself and decide why this is.
It will feel like you are watching the same bad video over again because the song remains the same. These artists don't make their own music videos. Even Christian gospel, techno, rave stars, whatever, it doesn't matter. Like I said earlier, through music videos, people's values are being changed into believing that there's no right or wrong. Music videos are turning into XXX porn and there's a hangover entering into society. A lot of times the music video will only show the boobs of an artist or her crotch area. Then focusing on those areas, people get use to the idea at looking at woman like just sex objects. I am included in this. What's alarming is a lot of the singers are getting younger and young teens are now being presented as Image Sex Idols like Justin Bieber or a Miley Ray Cyrus also know as Hannah Montana. A different Example of programming is the Robotic Machinery imagery in music videos that is present, or the nero linguistic program leading us to accept we are own transformers. What has happened America?
More information is needed about my video so you know exactly where I am coming from so you can download it. Now yhis video covers the Satanism theme in music and I can't explain it all here. But like the image of hellboy. It's right in front of us but we just don't notice. The elite refer to us as the walking dead. Satanism is the theme of my video because I believe these artists do believe in what's in their lyrics. It's not just fun and games. This video will show you this throughout, by showing examples from some of biggest names in the music industry. Once again, this is done by looking at music videos and breaking both the hidden and open messages present in them. Along with this, the video covers the symbols that these artist use, like Jay Z when he uses the pyramid or triangle like Canadian French Rapper Drake. And some use the devil horns signs, like heavy metal concert, or in sporting events like football or wwe. Some politicians also use the devil horn sign.
With covering the Beast, there are certain themes being presented in the occult music world, it's only natural to cover the Jesus imagery present in music videos. This is a big part of my film like a super nova. I believe in Jesus as my savior. I use passages from the book of the Bible. This is important because music videos make so many references to the Bible and Jesus, that you need know the teachings from the Bible, so you understand what some of these music videos are referring to. it only goes to ita, tlhat showst the occult is on the rise for example twilight. Amy Winehouse and Heath ledger got sucker punched by occult rituals and the latter is covered in the film :(
Lastly, In time, I will give you some more information. Basically I got a hold of thousands of music videos. I Downloaded them and looked at the music videos like a book to see what I could find. I saw the same basic themes and messages in all music videos. These themes are present in video games as well. Like The violent shooting games on PS3. Yes, Violent themes are covered in the video. Some example of this is the one eye imagery noted before. Lucifer what's his thrones here on earth not just south!
Off track, I spent six months making this film from my house. From my perspective, I see the music industry as being satanic, with a lot musicians promoting Satanism though their music. This includes promoting Magick or magic. I take a look at X factor Aleister Crowley. To tie this all in. isn't it something that entertainment such as in comics and movies like Harry Potter and Video games like deal with magick? This is the modern warfare and you are living in Grand Theft Auto!!! You are on the battlefield but just don't know it! Things look grimm but there's Nothin 2 Lose even when things look crazy stupid.
In Conclusion, download this and see how A lot of music videos go against Jesus, now this what I believe remember, to get their audience not to believe in Jesus and prepare us for World War 3. Christian Bible Prophecy stuff. Microchip included. Watch my video, now to decide for yourself. Remember this is what I believe. Not everyone is going to see it like I do. I'm being honest, when I say, I know people will strongly disagree with me and people will be angry. I made this film for free. I am willing to take a stand for my beliefs, even in the face of ridicule, but I won't scream at you for thinking differently. So please, keep it polite, be nice, Watch my film. You are allowed to believe what you want, now I respect that. This is not a critique of the religion of satanism, but a reflection of the music world. In return, all I ask is for your respect and remember to keep an open heart. Never say never and give this film a chance. Keep it nice and clean. :)

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